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Erosion and Sediment Control

Stormwater permits require the development and implementation of a site-specific Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) prior to any construction disturbance. The SWPPP must include erosion prevention and sediment control (EPSC) measures and other site management practices necessary to prevent off-site discharge of sediment and other pollutants. 


Third Rock engineers routinely prepare permit applications for construction activities in multiple states, and our staff of certified EPSC inspectors subsequently provide inspection to ensure compliance with permit provisions. Third Rock EPSC inspectors review SWPPPs and erosion control plans for construction projects and conduct the required inspections to ensure that specified erosion control measures are correctly installed and maintained.


In addition to weekly monitoring by certified inspectors, inspections are required within 24 hours of rainfall events that exceed 0.5 inch. Inspection reports are prepared to document existing conditions and provide recommendations for any necessary maintenance or replacement of sediment control features. As construction progresses, we provide guidance when erosion control plans need to be revised or additional erosion control becomes necessary.


In addition to maintaining national, state, and local licenses and certifications, Third Rock engineers, environmental scientists, and EPSC inspectors routinely undergo subject-specific training in BMP selection, design, and installation to ensure adherence to the most recent technological and design developments. Representative certifications include:


  • Kentucky Erosion Protection and Sediment Control (KEPSC) Roadway Inspector (RI) Qualification

  • Tennessee Erosion Protection and Sediment Control (TN EPSC) Level I Certification

  • Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District Erosion Protection and Sediment Control (MSD EPSC) Contractor Certification


We have the unique combination of design and construction disciplines to provide the  necessary expertise to ensure our clients prevent stormwater discharges that result in costly and time-consuming remedial action. 

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